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Zhonghui's professional leadership and influence comes from an excellent professional team. More than 3000 employees with different professional background and industry experience can help customers solve problems in different fields. Our service experience involves multiple industries and we understand the unique needs of different customers, thus to provide customers with diverse and strong professional support.


▶ 20 leading talents in the reserve of certified public accountants recognized by the Ministry of Finance;

▶ 1 full-time member of the 17th Issuance Examination Commission, CSRC;

▶ 1 full-time member of the 3th, 4th and 5th Growth Enterprises Capital Market Issuance Examination Commission, CSRC; 

▶ 1 expert committee of Accounting Standards Board, MOF;

▶ 1 vice president, 5 executive directors of Certified Tax Agents Association;

▶ 1 expert committee of Administrative Reconsideration Committee, SAT;

▶ 1 expert of Tax Professional Master Education Steering Committee;

▶ 1 board member of the Committee of State Taxation Administration for the administrative reconsideration;

▶ 16 top-grade China Certified Public Tax Agents;

▶ More than 650 China Certified Public Accountants;

▶ Nearly 500 China Certified Tax Agents;

▶ More than 60 China Registered Construction Engineering Cost Control Engineers.

▶ 1 distinguished expert of China Taxation News;

▶ 3 provincial CPPCC members;

▶ 1 representative of the provincial people's congress;

In addition, there are a number of registered consulting engineers, senior systems engineers, senior accountants, senior engineers, senior economists, as well as a number of the United States, Britain, Australia ACCA, CGA, CA, RICS and other overseas vocational qualifications Of the professional staff. And there are a member of the Tax Association Professional Committee, the Tax Association, the United Front Department "building a well-off society advanced individual" national registered tax accountants industry only representative, outstanding certified public accountants, Zhejiang Province, major engineering evaluation committee members expert think tank.

Regardless of professional service line, Zhonghui's professionals always adhere to the common values and goals. We are committed to professional ethics and be diligent, to protect the interests of customers. We help customers solve the current problems at the same time, but also to help customers foresee the possibility of the future and prepare in advance. We focus on the quality of service, in pursuit of excellence to maintain professional leadership. We focus on teamwork, the customer's every service is a collection of the overall wisdom of the team. Zhonghui's mission is "Create growth space for employees and assist our clients in enhancing their value". We hope that through training and career planning, to promote the continuous growth and development of staff. We are committed to attracting, cultivating and motivating excellent talent, and constantly improve the ability of professional team to help customers create value better.