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Scientific Research & Technical Services

Including the industries of scientific research, professional and technical services, technology promotion, Application services, and telecommunications, radio & TV, satellite transmission services, Internet, Information technology services, etc.

Whether your company wants to achieve long-term results, adjust your business model or enter new markets, we can assist you implementing strategies in a rapidly changing world. Zhonghui has mastered the effective methods, and has special resources to provide research and technology services companies with an audit, tax and advisory services tailored to their individual needs. Our professional staff can enrich the financial work experience and industry knowledge, develop very clear strategy for the clients, and then overcome the difficulties encountered in the business. We will make full use of our professional expertise to bring the greatest benefit to our customers.

Key account
  • CMCC
  • China Telecom
  • Potevio Group
  • Aerospace Science & Industry Corp
  • Aerospace Communication
  • Bluestar
  • Shanghai Research Institute Of Chemical Industry
  • Tsinghua Holdings
  • Tsinghua Tongfang
  • Alibaba
  • Beyond Soft(002649)
  • SuperMap(300036)
  • Electronic Soul Network(603258)
  • Medicalsystem(603990)