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As the industry grows more mature, major accounting firms have taken the graduate training as the main way for the input of company talents and the promotion of the brand of corporate employers as an important part of recruitment.

Through the rapid development of these years, Zhonghui ‘s desire for talents has become more and more urgent, and it has also paid more attention to the cultivation of fresh graduates, which has become  one of the signs of a mature firm. At present, we have accumulated some experience in the training of fresh graduates. The next step in our work extension and deepening research directions is to select more outstanding graduates, and let more students know us at the beginning of entering the university.

Zhonghui has already developed the minute hand plan for the cultivation of fresh graduates;

And for the students in colleges and universities, we have started the second hand plan——in July of each year, we will invite excellent students from major universities all over the country to attend the summer camp and provide an opportunity of a zero-distance contact accounting firm to the students interested in the business of the accounting firm to enhance professional cognition and learn about the city of Hangzhou.

The previous summer camp has been successful, with an average of about 30 students in each session. Many students who have successfully applied for Zhonghui campus recruitment have joined the big family of Zhonghui.