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Zhonghui inherits the mission of creating a platform for employees and designs based on the career development path of employees to provide clear career development paths for employees, and gives the staff full development space and display platform. Zhonghui is committed to finding like-minded partners and helping them to tap their potential and gradually to carry out self-value realization and development.
It carries out the "hour pointer plan" training.
  • Partner  
    Issuing of business items; Optimize corporate client structure.
  • Senior Manager
    Be responsible for the business and ensuring that the business is completed within budget time.
  • Manager
    Monitoring the projects and be able to deal with complex business problems.
  • Assistant Manager
    To supervise, direct and review team members' work.
  • Assistant 
    Work smoothly under the guidance of project leader.
Fresh graduates
In Zhonghui, learning is always accompanied by career development, and we believe that the self-development of employees is the source driving force of the organization's continuous progress.
Therefore, Zhonghui tries to maintain the continuity of training and learning to help employees keep innovating on the career development path, dig their own talent and move towards the more outstanding.
Experienced hires
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