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    With sprightly modern office environment

     Zhonghui has branches at almost 20 commercial cities around the whole country, with the most golden location for business of the city, and top-rank of the office environment, we can provide a great working ambient to make our staffs work in best conditions.  

    With competitive payment and welfare system

    The principle of payment of Zhonghui is guided by performance, which means it will be competitive among the whole industry, and that will help us attract and retain talent. We fully affirm the role and contribution of our staffs, to get the due return through the evaluation system.

    Zhonghui provides all welfares including Social Insurance and Housing Fund, furthermore, we have our own special welfares in Zhonghui that includes health examination, gifts for holidays, birthday presents, marriage and maternity bonus, tourism subsidies and so on.

    Aspire for a balance between work and life

    Zhonghui provides employees with multiple vacations including annual leave, paid sick leave, two weekends/statutory public holidays, wedding leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, breast-feeding leave, study holiday and other related holidays, and provides diversified resources including on-the-job learning and independent study, to ensure the balance between work and life of employees.

    In order to improve communication and interaction among employees, the department can organize various team activities, which will deepen the mutual understanding between colleagues and create a more pleasant and harmonious team atmosphere.

    In order to enrich the amateur life of employees, the company encourages employees to participate in various club activities, such as football, badminton, yoga, Weiqi and other activities.

    Training mechanism of continuous improvement

    Zhonghui is an affiliation for each staff, and we are committed to creating an environment that is the most suitable environment for professional talents gathering.

    We comply with the employee rights stipulated in the laws and regulations and strive to do better than our peers to enable outstanding professionals to work and learn better in Zhonghui.

    We attach importance to professional ethics, professional knowledge and professional skills.

    Pay attention to the cultivation of the comprehensive quality and ability of the staff, and make them more outstanding through various training methods.

    During the development of the company, we always put the growth of staffs in the most important position, and we provide and create greater growth platforms and spaces for them.

    The company will host professional training.

    The company will host multi-level professional training, and we sincerely invite senior experts and scholars from home and abroad to give lectures and clear up confusion.

    Zhonghui is committed to developing into a learning and innovative organization, expecting employees to establish learning consciousness and improve their learning ability. Through continuous learning, they will improve their professional competence and their own quality.

    With a great potential of development space

    We encourage employees to be proactive and competitive on the basis of respecting others and sincere cooperation, and provide fair support and conditions for the growth and development of employees. Employees rely on their own efforts and hard work to gain greater opportunities.

    The company will conduct a comprehensive and objective performance evaluation of employees and let each employee know exactly the existing problems and the improved method through performance communication to encourage employees to continuously improve their professional qualities and abilities, to achieve the goal of career development.