Our Services

Zhonghui helps clients succeed in business activities and capital market with its professional and diligent attitude, risk-orient ed auditing concept, international auditing control system, and leading professional skills. The strengths of Zhonghui’s professional team lie in emphasizing comprehensive professional capability, advocating the full-scale service spirit, and being good at combining the professional advantages in taxation, internal control consulting, IT consulting, and so on with the experience in serving large state-owned enterprises and capital market; thus satisfying the needs of clients in comprehensive value-added services, such as reorganizing & listing, merger & acquisition, equity restructuring, and other aspects. We have established a good and extensive relationship with CSRC, SASAC, Ministry of Finance, and other regulatory authorities. We offer professiona l suggestions and guidance to the enterprises that intend to ente r the capital market of China, and provide sound management consulting to state-owned enterprises.


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