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Organization and HR Management Diagnosis & Consulting

With the systematic and creative analysis tools and methods, Zhonghui Consulting Team are committed to help you with human resource integration and performance-oriented team building, and move the organization forward. 

Service Contents 

◆ Organization and HR Management Diagnosis

Zhonghui Consulting can design entire internal governance system, management system and HR management structure for enterprises in start-up, growing and transformation periods. Besides, we can also make professional plans about integration and restructure of organizations, human resource and corporate culture in the process of Merger & Acquisition and investment of enterprises.

◆ Organizational Construction and Job Design

Organizational construction and job system are the basis of the human resource management in companies. Focusing on clients’ current and future goals and strategies, while considering existing environment and resource, we will help you in the overall plan integrating department setting, management mechanism, operation rules, post setting and working relationship. Our services will be consistent with your corporation’s strategic development and environmental changes, aiming at promoting your people’s satisfactory and team performance.

◆ Human Resource Management Regulation and Process Optimization

With comprehensive application of information technique and professional experience, we will diagnosis and analysis the efficiency and validity of the Human Resource Management process, so as to save operation cost and control the management risk.

Our optimization process covers: Job Design & Fit Management Process; Recruitment; Management Process; Internal Selection Process; Performance Management Process; Payroll Management Process; Training Management Process; People Development Management Process, etc.

◆ Talent Management

Zhonghui’s management consulting team can diagnose, formulate and improve your enterprise’s talent management system, thereby to release the power of your people.

Our talent management service covers areas such as selection, Employee Retention, Job Fit, Morale Enhancement and so forth.

◆ Salary and Performance

Zhonghui has unique insight and excessive experience in the design of the salary and welfare system. With comprehensive consideration of the competition fairness, linking performance management system with salary and welfare system, Zhonghui will help you achieve greater employee motivation and better team performance.

Our services include: Salary System Design and Optimization, Performance Management System Diagnosis and Analysis, Employee Welfare Plan, Human Resource Cost Control, Personal Income Tax Declaration Agent, etc.