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Tax Verification

In order to strengthen and standardize tax administration, improve the quality of tax service and reduce the tax risks of enterprises, the tax bureau requires the taxpayer to submit part of the taxpayer's taxes to the attached tax office and other authentication business report of involving taxation professional service agencies.

We will assist enterprises to standardize tax returns and reduce tax risks from a professional perspective.

The main services include, but not limited to:

◆ Authentication of enterprise income tax year - end mopping up and final settlement Mopping up

◆ Authentication of enterprises making up losses before tax

◆ Enterprise liquidation income tax declaration authentication

◆ Authentication of the annual report of enterprise income tax verification collection

◆ Declaration for authentication of personal income tax

◆ Declaration for authentication of land value added tax

◆ Authentication of tax items for Business tax difference

◆ Authentication of enterprise income tax deduction before tax for loss of enterprise assets

◆ Authentication of weighted deduction of research and development expenses

◆ Authentication of salary adding & deduction for disabled persons

◆ Authentication of affirmation of high and new technology enterprises

◆ Enterprise change tax registration, authentication of cancellation of tax registration & taxation money liquidation

◆ Other involving tax authentication