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International Tax Services(Chinese Enterprises)

Under the background of economic globalization, the overall external environment promotes local Chinese enterprises to accelerate their pace of investment in foreign countries. During recent years, the scale of overseas investment by local Chinese enterprises has been rapidly increasing.

Zhonghui provides professional tax services in relation to healthy and safe overseas investment as well as sound financing tools for local Chinese enterprises through our wide-ranging resources of international cooperation partners and international information channels. Zhonghui also assists in international tax planning according to clients’ commercial strategy, so as reduce overall tax burden for clients effectively.

Range of major services includes but is not limited to:

◆Business consulting on access and exit mechanism and policy for foreign investments

◆ Provide tax consulting services for contract projects undertaken by foreign enterprises in China

◆ Consulting on tariffs, value-added tax, and the overall value chain within group companies

◆ Introduction and analysis of overall international tax environment and double tax agreements

◆ Providing introduction and analysis of investment mechanism and tax systems of relevant countries

◆ Evaluation on foreign investment structure and international tax burden for clients Design of structure of overseas 

   investment, and tax planning to optimize financing structure and cash flow for enterprises  

◆Consulting on foreign income tax credit for enterprises making investment overseas